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Born Under the New Moon? Here is Your Lunar Personality

How well do you know your Moon phases? We feel like many people can list the majority of them but not necessarily in the right order. Not to worry, we know that sometimes it can be a little confusing.

A quick little refresher: the 8 phases begin with a new moon, where our eyes can’t detect the moon in the sky. After the new moon we have the waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter and finally the waning crescent. 

Now we ask how well do you know your lunar personality? If you’re slightly confused, we will clarify. The day that you were born, even if it was during the day, the Moon was around and smiling down on you. You’ve definitely heard of your horoscope which tell you something about yourself based on the stars you were born under, right? It’s super similar. Each phase of the Moon correlates with particular personality traits. 

We’ve been working on our Lunar Personality mini-series for quite some time, and we are happy that we’ve now covered each of the phases. If you know you were born under the New Moon, then keep reading, but if you were born under one of the other phases then scroll through our “Musings from the Moon” blog to read about your lunar personality. 

Moonphase Calculator 

For the rest of you who may not know what phase you were born under, well we have you covered too. Simply input your birthday into our Moon phase calculator and Moon phase calculator to determine which post is for you! 

Did you know that the new moon phase is depicted with a brilliant blue Moon on our pieces? It’s the prettiest blue reserved for when the white of the Moon is not visible to us here on Earth. 

All about you! 

IF you were born under the new moon phase here are the details of your lunar personality: 

While some think that there is less of an influence on the Moon when you can’t see it in the sky, it actually indicates that your mind and heart are in perfect harmony. This is because the Moon and Sun are aligned. You are an overall well-balanced human. Steady and not overly emotional, you have a way of balancing your feelings with logic for a very easy-going existence. 

People are drawn to you, your optimism and eagerness to try new things is infectious. You don’t have the hardest time accepting change, rather you are usually on board to try something novel. Enthusiastic to almost a fault, sometimes you’re a little too fixed on starting something new or trying something for the first time that it may impede on your ability to be productive. Try to be aware that some things should be finished when started and this will help you not to leave too many projects unfinished. 

beige background with new moon description lettering

At times you can definitely be considered on the shy side because you’re never rushing to create superficial relationships. Instead, you like to take your time getting to know those around you and are conscientious that good things take time to develop. Unfortunately, this shyness can at times be viewed as being a little stuck up, but we know that’s not the case. 

It can be said that the reason the Moon had to be dark during this phase is because all those born under the new moon shine ever so brightly. The light can never be diminished and it’s one of our favorite parts of your lunar personality. 

We love to say, “every moment has a Moon” and we love celebrating each and every moment with you! Celebrate the new moon phase and your birthday together in one of our pieces. Don’t forget to tag us for a chance to be feature on our social with your #MoonglowMoment. 



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