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Born Under a Lunar Eclipse? Here’s your Lunar Personality

The moment you were born everything stood still, just for a second – the sun, the stars, and even the Moon were all in very particular positions in the universe.

Those positions are uniquely yours and can help you learn about different aspects of your personality that have been written in the stars. Everyone knows about their zodiac or sun sign traits but not as many know that their Lunar personality is based on what Moon you were born under. 

Before we go any further, you’re going to need to know what Moon phase you were born under as today we are covering those born under a Lunar Eclipse, which isn’t part of the regular phases – it’s something special. Using our Moon phase calculator first find out what phase you came crying into this world under. 

In our mini-series, so far, we have covered the lunar personalities of those born under the Waning Gibbous, Waxing Crescent, Full Moon, and Waxing Gibbous. If your phase hasn’t been covered yet, no need to fret we will get there soon. Stay tuned! 


What is a Lunar Eclipse? 

If you know your Moon phases you might be a little confused about where the Lunar Eclipse fits in. Let’s start with what it actually is – the lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth, Sun, and Moon align in space with the Earth being perfectly between the Sun and the Moon. The Earth’s shadow then falls on the Moon darkening the normally bright white face of the Moon to make it look almost coppery red.  

We typically only see about four to seven eclipses so it’s a rarity to be born under a lunar eclipse ~ technically though you would have been born under a Full Moon~ an important point. You can check to see if your Full Moon was also a lunar eclipse in any part here

Let's talk about personality 

As for your personality – you are bold and strongly intuitive. The main challenges you face have to do with balancing your need for logical thinking and emotional doing. You may see the lack of a brightly illuminated Full Moon as a bad thing, but it is rather the opposite. Just like a racehorse in its gate, or a dancer on a dark stage this lunar eclipse signifies something or someone incredible is about to appear. You bring a rare and ancient energy to the table, and with great power comes great responsibility. 

Known for your creativity, compassion, and perception you are really good at understanding people’s motivations and can easily call someone out if they are not being sincere. Your friends will turn to you for advice, your partners will look to you for your steadfastness and your family will come to associate you with and never failing or faltering persona. Take care to keep your sweetness and positivity as incredible strength like yours can easily take control of those around them (and not in the best way). 

Like those born under the Full Moon you are always open to anything and everything which means that you can be a tad indecisive. This is because you are confident you can make just about anything work, so you have a bit of a hard time choosing. Even when it comes to being open and exploring your feelings, a lot is going on and at times being able to communicate efficiently is something you need to work on. 

But in the end, you are a diamond in the rough just waiting to get out there to shine. Take care to love and honor those around you, treat them with respect as the important people in your life will be fiercely loyal when it comes to you, so treat them well! You are destined for greatness – so get out there and make great things happen Lunar Eclipse babies. 


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