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Beyond the Moon: Fan Stories from Moonglow Jewelry

Beyond the Moon: Fan Stories 
Welcome to Beyond the Moon stories of our fans and family. 
During an event in Buffalo, NY we had Janet come by to share a lovely story with us. Janet had purchased a Moonglow Wristlet of Woven Dreams bracelet for her sister around Christmas time. At the time her sister was in palliative care on her last days of battling cancer at age 47. Janet purchased the bracelet to let her sister know that she was going to be with her to the moon and beyond! Janet says, “It took me awhile to find a jewelry piece that would have significance”. Janet was so excited to find Moonglow and pick her date of September 9th which was her sisters birthday. Janet’s sister wore it everyday up until her passing just a few months ago; Janet now wears her sister’s moon in memory of her every day!  


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