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Beyond Birthstones: Understanding the Colours Behind Each Birth Month

Rubies, diamonds, and emeralds, oh my!

When it comes to birthstones, sometimes the truth is we just don’t particularly connect to the stone associated with our personal birth month. While some of us connect deeply to its intrinsic meaning, others of us find ourselves drawn to different colors and gems throughout the year.

Some days you might be feeling more aquamarine than ruby, or pearl rather than sapphire. And it’s perfectly reasonable to wear something that’s not necessarily your own birthstone because colors beyond birthstones also carry their own meaning and energy.


Red is traditionally known to be an emotionally intense color. It’s often associated with passion and energy, love and excitement. Looking to harness some powerful energy? Or perhaps you need a colorful boost to help dig into your passions? We think our Birthstone Satellite necklace in clean silver looks amazing with a red accent. Look to garnet (January), ruby (July), and a lighter option with rose zircon (October) for that touch of warmth.


Blue stones exude a calm, healing energy. When life is feeling frantic or a bit out-of-sorts, the color blue can help release tensions and smooth out that uneasy feeling, like breathing in the fresh air over clear, calm waters. Aquamarine (March) is thought to ease anxiety, while turquoise (December) was thought to be protective and healing by ancient Egyptians. Blue zircon (December) and sapphire (September) also fall into the blue family and are thought to be symbols of protection. Our Classic Pewter Birthstone necklace is a great companion piece to these blue gems.


Green is often associated with luck and prosperity. Couldn’t we all use a little of that sometimes? Green has a connection with nature and new life so when you feel like reconnecting or renewing, look to gorgeous green stones like, emerald (May) and peridot (August) for inspiration. Green works especially well with our Birthstone Bangle in Gold. Who wouldn’t want to wear a little luck on their sleeve?


Happy and bright, optimistic yellow exudes confidence and self-expression. Like the sun, it sheds light, bringing clarity and knowledge. Yellow is a happy color and on a day that needs a little pick-me-up, a beautiful yellow stone may do just the trick. Look to topaz (November) or citrine (also November) to brighten up an outfit. Our Birthstone Pallene Bracelet in Gold is a perfect match for this happy hue.


White is for purity, goodness, and perfection. It also stands for wholeness and completion. While perfection is a tough target to reach, these stones can serve as reminders of the good in our lives. White stones include the diamond (April) and pearl (June). And! Since they’re neutral in color, they complete (!) an outfit for any occasion.


Purple holds a few different meanings. Its traditionally known as the color of royalty, signifying power and good judgement. It also means mystery and magic. Purple is where blue and red meet which explains the mystic quality it possesses -- somehow calming and energizing, healing and passionate, all at once. The amethyst (February) and light amethyst (June) make the perfect accessory for a magical day.

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