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What’s My Moon Sign? Discovering Your Zodiac Personality

This past summer we started our mini-series on Astrology with an overview of the basics; as we deal with the stars and the Moon on the daily, we thought it was super fitting. In this post we’re continuing our mini-series with our second instalment, an in-depth look at your Moon sign and what it means for your zodiac personality.

Whether or not you take the idea of astrology to heart or simply set it aside in the same category as fortune cookies and lucky pennies, it’s always fun to learn a little something about yourself. Everyone knows their zodiac sign or technically their Sun-sign, but there are many elements that can give you a more in-depth understanding of your personality. That includes your Moon sign – our obvious favourite. Your Sun sign is like the country you’re living in. On average, you’ll share many similarities with others who live in the same country as you. Your Moon sign is like the specific city you’re from and is a better or stronger representation of you!

The moment you were born the Sun, the Moon and all of the planets were positioned somewhere in the sky. The sky is divided into twelve signs – what we know as the zodiac - that each occupy 30 degrees of celestial longitude corresponding to the constellations. The Sun moves through each zodiac approximately every 30.43 days while the Moon changes every 2 to 2 ½ days giving you a more precise understanding of yourself. This explains why you can be so different to other people you know who have the same Sun sign. Your Moon sign represents your deepest self, the subconscious that drives your emotions, your inner fears, obsessions, the private self that motivates the part of you that the rest of the world sees. Additionally, we consider the influence your Moon sign has on your Sun sign and if they tone down certain aspects of your personality or fire them up.

First things first, if you don’t know what your Moon sign is you can find it here. You’re going to need the date and location of your birth and if you can find it the time you were born to be as accurate as possible.

ARIES You live for excitement and spontaneity, life is meant to be lived and you strive to get what you want without hesitation. There’s a fire within you that burns bright. Are you a bit of a hothead? Maybe. But you know what you want, and we applaud that.

TAURUS You take pride in the things you have, and you are protective over them. You like your routines and are happiest when things go according to plan. A creature of comfort at heart you enjoy the finer things in life. Might we add this is the most sensual of signs.

GEMINI You have the key to communication – not only are you great at chatting people up but you can help others feel at ease and communicate their own feelings. You like to get the facts and reliable information is important to you. With all the gab however, you’re not the best at opening up and showing your inner feelings.

CANCER If you’re born under the Cancer Moon sign you are in tune with not only your surroundings but to the feelings of those around you. Embrace your emotions – you have a lot of them but that’s okay! You like to surround yourself with friends who are supportive and don’t stand for toxic people.

LEO You’re both warm and generous and are the best energy to have around. Everyone loves your passion. You are a star and you do well with an audience but don’t handle rejection well.

VIRGO Helpful and organized, you can assess situations and determine the best course of action. Considered to be one of the most analytical signs, you crave structure and aren’t afraid to impose it on others.

LIBRA The keeper of peace, you crave balance in your life. That includes in your environment and in your relationships. And speaking of - you make for a great partner, as you are thoughtful and very loving.

Commonly thought to be a fire sign, Scorpio is actually a water sign. The intense emotions come from deep within – we’re talking as deep as the ocean. You are interested in deep connection and are selective with your relationships. Oh, and privacy is a big deal!

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. And that’s the story of Sagittarius, always curious and interested in learning more, if it’s gets you in a little bit of trouble you always find a way out of it. Travelling and exploring new places is a top priority for you.

CAPRICORN Hardworking and conscientious you take pride from achieving your goals and are always striving to succeed. You can be silly but do take most things fairly seriously. In relationships you are dedicated and dependable.

AQUARIUS You do the right thing – even when it isn’t going to be a crowd pleaser. You are logical and have a good understanding of your emotions but aren’t necessarily overly emotional. Protective over your loved ones, you take great pride in being supportive of your friends and family.

PISCES The energy around you is constantly being absorbed which means you feel deeply, so deeply that sometimes you get a little lost in yourself. You are both generous, kind and have a great sense of empathy.

We’ve all been tested this year with big changes, difficult times and our daily lives in some cases have been completely turned upside down. The more you learn about yourself the better you can take care of nourishing yourself and your soul. 

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