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7 Ways to Wear Goddess Moon Jewelry

Every woman has an inner goddess, a source of their strength and patience to get through the trials and tribulations of the daily grind. And we could all stand to let a little of that inner goddess out more often. One of the easiest ways to channel your inner goddess is to wear a piece of goddess moon jewelry, and for that Moonglow’s got a few pieces ready to go!

Three Perfect Goddess Moon Jewelry Necklaces

The designers for our goddess moon jewelry inspired necklaces took a lot of the inspirations behind the jewelry to heart, and these are brilliantly inspired pieces to help you channel your inner goddess!


Pewter is a powerful metal, and nothing makes you feel more connected with your inner goddess than this inspired piece of jewelry. The western zodiac was named after the Greek and Roman dieties, and this necklace was inspired by their goddess of the moon, Artemis, (and later Diana, and even later Luna.)


The moon affects everything from the time to the tides. People use it to time the harvest and the planting, and there is no better reminder that the moon and growing things are intertwined than this beautiful piece of goddess moon jewelry.


None of the moon goddesses are wrathful and angry, they are all for the love of their followers, just as we all would surely like to be as well. This necklaces utilizes all of those feelings of love and benevolence shared by each and every one of the moon goddesses.

Two Gorgeous Goddess Moon Jewelry Bracelets

Moving on from necklaces, the next logical place for goddess moon jewelry to go is around the wrist. These are two of our favorite selections from our collection that were designed to bring out the goddess in all of us.


Four moons for four important occasions and people. Your inner goddess would be thrilled to channel your loved ones special memories and the constant reminder of special people and moments is exactly the thing to help push you through any and every ordeal imaginable.


If chains aren’t your thing, then this bracelet is perfect for you. This goddess moon jewelry piece is a great addition to mix and match with other kinds of bracelets, it’ll stand out above the rest, and really give you the power to stand out among your peers.

Perfect Pieces of Goddess Moon Jewelry Rings

For people who neglect their rings as accent jewelry pieces, consider these inspiring pieces of jewelry to both remember your special moments, and to invite the inner goddess to join you whenever you work with your hands.


It’s a simple and perfect way to summon your inner moon goddess, especially when you sign your name or write a check.


Summon your inner goddess with a little extra special touch thanks to the added element of the filigree and stones.

Which Moon Goddess Are You Channeling?

Most polytheistic cultures around the globe have created gods and goddesses for pretty much everything. The sun, the moon, their homes, and many more. While there are dozens that are worth their own textbooks, we’re limited to a blog post right now so…we’re just going to cover a few of the biggest and more important ones to know.

Greek and Roman Moon Goddesses

The Greeks had Artemis as the official pantheon ruler of the moon, when the Romans took over, they renamed her Diana. However, because the reign of Greek and Roman culture lasted so long there is more than one goddess associated with the moon. There’s also Luna, for whom we now get the term “Lunar”, who served as the “divine personification” of the moon, although she’s not always considered a “full goddess” since Artemis/Diana is the more recognized and superior one.

These goddesses were crucial to timing things, such as the planting and harvest seasons, the times of the tides, and more. 

They’re ethereal, celestial, and above all of the petty and surface-level problems of the Earthly realm.

Celtic Goddesses

The number one moon goddess in Celtic folklore is a goddess named Cerridwen, who covers quite a range of areas, all stemming back to her deep connection with the moon. She’s in charge of the moon, magic, agriculture, poetry, music, art, and science; all of which stem from the moon’s power, beauty, and effect on the cycles of the earth.

She’s wise, powerful, and strong. When you wear a piece of goddess moon jewelry you’re calling on your inner Cerridwen to help you every step of the way. 

Chinese Goddess

The former queen Chang-O is one of the few goddesses that resides on the moon, rather than personifying it. Her story is beautiful, after marrying a man who saved the world and became king, he slowly became more and more demanding and tyrannical, eventually, he ordered an immortality elixir be made for him. Chang-O found out about it and took the elixir instead. When he pursued her about it, she escaped out the window, and instead of falling she floated out and up to the moon where she lived for a time and eventually became a goddess. Her husband eventually ascended to a palace on the sun, and now they embody yin and yang.

Now she represents courage, power, and fertility. A piece of goddess moon jewelry is great to call out the inner courage to break free, for growth, and the belief in oneself to accomplish a difficult task.

Tips to pull out the Goddess in the Goddess Moon Jewelry

Wearing goddess moon jewelry is more than just wearing the jewelry, there’s a bit more to it than that. It’s wearing an outfit that also embodies that inner goddess that you want to let shine.

  • So wear your power clothes, mix the goddess moon jewelry you’re wearing with clothes that help you embody your inner goddess, the confidence in yourself is going to be the absolute key in becoming the goddess you want to be.
  • Experiment with your makeup, add a new color or shade, anything that reminds you that you’re powerful and lets your inner goddess out.
  • Mix and match your goddess moon jewelry with other pieces of jewelry and styles. This creates a multi-layered effect and gives your outfit more visual interest, which helps your style go a long way. 

Everyone has an inner goddess, and bringing her out is one of the most exciting and enjoyable things you can do to make your life a little more fun and exciting. 

Be sure to like this post, comment which goddess is your favorite one to summon, and sign up to get emails whenever we update our blog!


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