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Moments that Strike a C(h)ord: Stackable Bracelets for Any Occasion

You’ve probably heard the expression in this blog post’s title before: that something strikes a chord. Like many expressions you’ve heard them, you may even be able to drop them in conversation, but any idea what this one really means? When this phrase is used it refers to something that affects or stirs one’s emotions.

A lot of things may be affecting our emotions right now, our daily lives have seen a major overhaul. We’re keeping busy at home and rising to the occasion to help those around us however we can. You may have new coworkers, like partners, pets and children, and you’re juggling a lot trying to find a good balance. Whatever your experience, we’ve all been going through immense change lately and we want to take a moment to reminisce, to remember, and to acknowledge the exciting, special and heartfelt moments that can still happen during these crazy times.

Strike a C(h)ord with these cord bracelet beauties...

Positive Energy is much needed right now, and we’ve got you covered with the Positive Energy Moon Bracelet. Available in three colours; a vibrant red with silver details, a beautiful night blue with gold, and a sophisticated white with brass accents.

We love the chording of these pieces because they’re delicate and add a pop of color, all while bringing attention to the moon charm with your special moment captured front and centre. This is a bracelet that can be worn every day on its own or can be layered with other pieces for a beautiful lunar stack.

Spread the positivity and surprise your friends and loved ones with a Moonglow package today, we promise they won’t be disappointed. You can even add a free photo card to your order now through Mother’s Day to send a little extra reminder that you’re thinking of them.

Need a little love too? This is also the time to help yourself remember that positivity is needed, even during hard and challenging times, add one of these bracelets to your collection as a reminder that you have what it takes to make it through anything.

We’re all embarking on something new in our lives and we think this is a good time to take a look and celebrate how far we have come. Each of us is on our own personal journies, our own life story that has shaped us and made us who we are today. And keeping with our chord theme in this post we are highlighting our new Milestone Bracelet.

The Milestone Bracelet is a personal reminder of our own uniqueness, beautifully woven and featuring stainless steel beads that offer small reminders of just how strong and resilient we all are. Our lives are made up of our milestones, so why not have something that helps you remember all of the ones that have brought you here.

If you’re ever nervous, scared or feeling down, think of the Milestone Bracelet as your secret weapon. Put it on whenever you need to feel a little stronger, fiercer or bolder and remember that you are capable, worthy and destined for great things. You can do it Moonbabes and we can’t wait to be by your side every step of the way.

We do not remember days, we remember moments ~ Ceasare Pavese

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