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Custom Jewelry You Don't See Everyday: Personalized Interlocking Moon Necklaces and More

Pink Ituri in Silver

The latest jewelry trends feature the most unique accessories--especially necklaces. Personalized interlocking moon necklaces, long beaded chains, tassel necklaces and multi strand layered pieces all add to the personality and individualized style of an ensemble.

Interlocking necklaces feature pendants that link at the base of the neck to form a puzzle-inspired detail. These creative pieces help spark imaginative inspiration in the minds of those who want a necklace or pendant that strays from the norm. Tassel necklaces add a boho flair to an outfit of the day, while multiple pendants may be displayed by layering numerous necklaces and chains for a more laid-back chic appeal. Although, be careful when layering chains and they may tangle and break.

Multiple Pendants

For those who want the look of multiple pendants without the fuss of tangles, however, opt for accessories that can display two or more pendants at once...this is why many women love interlocking pendants or tassels (which often have other beadwork featured on their chains). Some lariat styles showcase two or more pendants, while other necklace designs provide offshoot chains that drop another pendant from the main accessory.

Necklace designs may feature similar pendants or completely unique styled details. We love pairing different moon phases on the same necklace for double the cosmos. The MoonGlow Pink Ituri features two glowing pink moon phases dropping from two separate chains. Of course, these pendants are held on the same necklace, so you don’t have to worry about tangled chains or broken pendants.

One single chain also may hold multiple unique pendants. We love creating a charm necklace using multiple symbolic charms on the same chain. When creating this look, however, just be careful not to put too many charms on the chain. Depending on the size of each charm and the length of the chain, you may fit about six charms on a single chain.  You can pair a moon phase charm with a good luck pendant (like a four-leaf clover) and then add a birthstone pendant or other symbolic charms.

Necklaces with Their Own Orbit

Orbit Necklace

You can also cheat the look of two pendants with a larger pendant that contains another detailed pendant. The Orbit necklace features two satellites that orbit around a personalized moon phase pendant for the appearance of two separate overlapping pendants.

Homemade charms also create amazing personalized necklaces. Some mothers have their children create glass pendants that house mini drawings or handwritten messages. You also can print favorite quotes and encase them within a pendant, or add a piece of fabric cut from a favorite blanket (like a child’s old baby blanket). Traditional lockets also may hold mini photographs that also can be displayed alongside other charms.

Another creative way to wear personalized interlocking moon necklaces, unique pendants and accessories is to raid your old jewelry box. This means refurbishing old necklaces from your youth—if you kept them! Older children’s necklaces may now fit as a choker that can be layered and paired with other necklace length. You may be surprised, too, at the fun old charms those youthful necklaces displayed.

While we are partial to moon phase charms and pendants, we love all custom jewelry. Use your own style to create one-of-a-kind necklaces or craft your own version of the popular personalized interlocking moon necklace by getting a moon phase pendant through Moonglow.


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